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Want To Get A Noisy Garage Door Lubricated? Check how.

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Garage Door Lubricated

Have a noisy garage door opener chain? Garage Doors are the complex and large door openings that are designed to keep your car safe from the external elements. Though they are manufactured to perform smoothly for years, these doors need to be maintained now and then to ensure a hassle-free opening and closing mechanism.

With regular usage, overhead door elements tend to misalign or wear-out. If your automatic garage door is exhibiting a weird sound while operating, get it lubricated and maintained by the professionals. Some reasons to consider door lubrication includes:

  • Lubricate the Rollers and Hinges
    Rollers and hinges are important door components that allow an overhead door to move over the tracks. With time, these rollers tend to wear-out or break which in turn can make its movement more slippery. If you feel like your door is stuck somewhere or seems to be tight while opening, lubricate the rollers and hinges evenly.
  • Lubricating the Opener Chain
    A door chain is what pulls up and pushes down a roller garage door. It plays a crucial role in ensuring a clean door mechanism, i.e. opening and closing without any hindrance. If your door is making a screeching noise, the opener chain might be at fault. By lubricating the chain with a WD-40 lubricant, the noise can be minimized.
  • Lubricate the Lock & Keyhole
    If your garage door lock key gets stuck in the door or makes it hard to open at a single try, its time to lubricate the lock as well as the keyhole. This will not only allow easy lock access but also reduces the risk of lock rusting.

So, these are few ways to get your garage door lubricated to prevent noisy operation. In case, your sectional garage door is damaged or in need of repair, feel free to contact our door technicians at Express Garage Doors Calgary.

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