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Garage Door Openers

Elite Series® Garage Door Openers

Our Elite Series®will make you rethink what’s possible in a Garage Door Opener. With a full-suite of innovative features including smartphone control, Battery Backup and advanced security features, these openers will give you peace of mind that your garage is always safe and secure.



Elite Series 8550W

Works with the MyQ app – Includes core features including the ability to check the status, control the door, and get activity alerts from anywhere.



Elite Series 8587W

This ultra-powerful Elite Series Garage Door Opener is built to provide maximum power to lift the heaviest doors.Elite-Series-8587W

Elite Series 8500W

The ultimate garage access solution, designed to optimize space.


Premium Series Garage Door Openers

With innovate features, our Premium Series is a smart choice if you’re looking for a reliable Opener that can meet all your needs when it comes to performance, security and connectivity.Premium-Series-Garage-Door-Openers

Premium Series 8355W

Discover the LiftMaster 8355W, a smart Wi-Fi garage door opener. The 8355W is an energy efficient & reliable garage door opener with MyQ & Security 2.0+.



Premium Series 8360W

The LiftMaster 8360W is a Wi-Fi & smartphone garage door opener with DC battery backup capable. The 8360W provides reliable & energy efficient performance.Premium-Series-8360W

Premium Series 8365W-267

With its rugged reliability and exceptional all-around performance, the 8365W-267 1/2 HP AC Chain Drive Wi-Fi® Garage Door Opener is the perfect choice…



Premium Series 3240

This Premium Series Garage Door Opener provides optimal performance no matter what the climate.Premium Series 3240

Contractor Series Garage Door Openers

Any of these Garage Door Openers are a smart choice if you’re looking for the power, dependability and performance that meets the every day demands you have in your garage.




This chain/cable drive garage door opener offers simple, reliable performance in a compact design.Contractor Series Garage Door Openers


Discover the LiftMaster Contractor Series 8160 DC chain drive opener. The 8160 is a quiet garage door opener featuring MyQ app & smartphone connectivity.

Contractor Series Garage Door Openers



This Contractor Series Garage Door Opener is the ideal choice for dependable performance.Contractor Series Garage Door Openers


This Contractor Series Garage Door Opener is the ideal choice for value and reliability.

Contractor Series Garage Door Openers



This model offers strong lifting power and steady performance with its durable 1/2 HP motor and chain drive.Contractor Series Garage Door Openers

The LDC0800

The energy-efficient, DC-powered operator that runs at an AC-equivalent speed. DC drive motor with soft-start and soft-stop for smooth, quiet, long-term reliable performance. Optional Battery Backup available for added peace of mind.