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Garage doors are the largest doors in a property that consists of a group of components working together to allow smooth door mechanism. Out of all the parts, the cable has a huge importance as it lifts the door weight while it’s operating.

As the cables lift the heavy door, they are more likely to get frayed due to continuous wear and tear. We recommend regular check-ups of your garage door cables so that the issue is caught and fixed before it fails.

Since it keeps your vehicle safe and carries the entire weight of your garage door, it’s important to inspect it regularly for damage like frays and sags.

If you are not sure whether your door cable needs to be replaced or not, look for the following signs:

  • Frayed cables
  • Snapped cables
  • Stranded cables
  • Loose connections
  • Sagging cables
  • Worn-out cables

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Preventative Maintenance Plans

Our team follows the basic rule of ‘Prevention is better than cure’ and believes that it is better if the cable issue is detected at an early stage so that the risk of a falling door can be prevented. We perform a periodic check and provide garage door cable maintenance to Calgary & surrounding area. From inspecting the cable to detecting issues like broken or frayed connections, we are here to keep your overhead door in optimal shape.

No-Contact Garage Door Cable Services

All of our technicians use shoe covers, latex gloves, special hand wash, N95 masks and now disinfectant to clean all tools and work surfaces in your garage before & after service. Our technicians will simply greet customers with a friendly wave or smile instead of a handshake.

24/7/365 Same-Day Service

Express Garage Doors has made its name so far because we have never said ‘No’ to any customer call for cable repair. Rain, snow or shine, we have always helped our clients round-the-clock with 24/7 overhead door cable replacement. Fully equipped with quality tools, we are ready to tackle emergency situations.

Tested, Insured & Certified Technicians

Whether you are facing an issue with sagging cables, frayed cables or loose connections, we can tackle it with quality, durability and efficiency. From fixing the broken garage door cable to replacing it with a new one, our technicians are licensed, insured and certified to repair & replace garage door cables in Alberta.

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