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Garage Door Spring Services in Southern Alberta

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If your garage door torsion springs are not performing as desired or are making a weird noise, call our technicians at Express Garage Door Repair right away. We can ideally replace the broken or worn-out torsion and extension springs with utmost accuracy and efficiency.

For same day and emergency spring replacement, just give us a call and our professionals will reach your doorstep in the shortest possible time. Some common problems we deal with include:

  • Broken Torsion Springs
  • Broken Extension Springs
  • Replacement of Extension Spring
  • Spring System Replacement
  • Broken Spring Cables
  • Spring Balancing

Garage Door Spring Repair

Damaged springs can cause a series of complications, from reduced door functionality to complete immobility. A swift and precise spring repair job can prevent these issues, prolonging the life of your garage doors and ensuring seamless operation.

Our team of expert technicians is well-versed in tackling a variety of garage door spring repair issues. Whether it’s a minor wear and tear or a previously undetected misalignment, our certified professionals can quickly diagnose and fix the problem. Their extensive training and skill set allow them to efficiently replace garage door springs when required or make fine-tuned adjustments to your existing setup.

We follow a systematic repair process, starting with a comprehensive inspection. By understanding the exact state of your garage door springs, we can formulate the most effective solution. After diagnosis, our efficient team immediately works on the needed adjustments or replacements. With our garage door spring repair services in Calgary, you can rest assured of top-tier expertise and quality workmanship, bringing optimal performance back to your overhead door.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

We underscore the importance of timely garage door spring replacement for maintaining the seamless operation of your garage doors. Like any component critical to your door’s operation, garage door springs can wear out or break over time, significantly impeding the door’s function.

Common signs that may indicate the need for a garage door spring replacement include the garage door struggling to open, noisy operation, or the door seeming heavier than usual. Our trained technicians in Calgary understand how to effectively diagnose these signs, ensuring you replace garage door springs when absolutely essential, saving you unnecessary costs and trouble.

Our garage door spring replacement process is thorough and safe. It involves cautiously detaching the worn-out springs while stabilizing the garage door. Following the removal, our experts will then install your new quality-tested springs, ensuring the correct tension for optimal operation.

Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

Torsion springs play a critical role in the smooth operation of your garage door. They bear the brunt of your door’s weight, facilitating efficient lift and lower actions. Due to this heavy burden, torsion springs can wear out over time, leading to unbalanced door operation. That’s where our garage door torsion spring replacement service steps in, offering a reliable solution for maintaining your door’s uncompromised functionality.

Safety is paramount when it comes to replacing torsion springs. Doing it incorrectly can lead to severe injuries and even damage your door. Our trained technicians understand the risks involved and employ a meticulous process to remove and install torsion springs. They first secure the door in place, then unhinge the worn springs using specialized tools. The new springs are then carefully set and tightened, restoring the balanced operation of your garage door.

Emergency Garage Door Spring Repair

We offer emergency garage door spring repair services in Calgary and the surrounding areas. Our emergency repair process is designed for speedy response and efficient service. As soon as we receive your distress call, our team of certified garage door technicians is dispatched to your location. On arrival, they quickly diagnose the issue to understand the severity and the immediate actions needed.

Sometimes, a full repair may not be possible straightaway, especially in complex or severe cases. In such scenarios, our team can implement temporary fixes to make your garage door safe and functional until a complete repair or replacement can be performed. Our aim with our emergency Garage Door Spring Repair service is to ensure your safety, limit your inconvenience, and provide prompt, reliable repair solutions whenever you need them.


Whether it’s ensuring balanced garage door operation with meticulous adjustments, safely replacing worn-out torsion springs, or swiftly responding to emergency situations, Express Garage Door Repair covers it all. Trust us for professional garage door spring repair and replacement services in Calgary and surrounding areas.

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Our team follows the basic rule of ‘Prevention is better than cure’ and believes that it is better if the cable issue is detected at an early stage so that the risk of a falling door can be prevented. We perform a periodic check and provide garage door cable maintenance to Calgary & surrounding area. From inspecting the cable to detecting issues like broken or frayed connections, we are here to keep your overhead door in optimal shape.

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All of our technicians use shoe covers, latex gloves, special hand wash, N95 masks and now disinfectant to clean all tools and work surfaces in your garage before & after service. Our technicians will simply greet customers with a friendly wave or smile instead of a handshake.

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Whether you are facing an issue with springs, cabled, remote or opener, we can tackle it with quality, durability and efficiency. From fixing the broken garage door part to replacing it with a new spare part, our technicians can fix almost anything.


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