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The Pros & Cons of

Walk-Through Garage Doors

Walk-through garage doors, which feature a pedestrian door, are becoming more popular.

But should you get one? Here are the pros and cons.

The type of garage door you choose for your home makes a great impact on your overall resale value. Especially if your garage is visible from the road and adds to your curb appeal. 

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a garage door, but functionality should be at the top of your list of priorities. Second to that is aesthetics. Your garage door serves to protect your home from the elements, noise, and the possibility of theft or burglary. 

If you’re considering walk-through garage doors, here’s what to consider before you give the go-ahead.

What is a Walk-Through Garage Door? 

A walk-through garage door is basically a regular garage door, which is fitted with a pedestrian access door. The point of the pedestrian door is so that you don’t have to roll up the entire garage door to get into your garage or access your home. 

Pedestrian doors are also ideal for commercial and industrial garage doors, most particularly if you can only open them manually. A small access door is also more energy-efficient and will save you money with proper insulation.

To ensure your walk-through garage door is well-insulated, go for polyurethane insulation, and ensure the door is at least 40-50mm thick. 

To be extra vigilant about your safety, make sure your walk-through garage door is installed with an electric garage door opener. These systems have a blocking mechanism that prevents the garage door from opening if the pedestrian door is not closed completely. 

What Are the Pros of Walk-Through Garage Doors?

If you have a basement garage, then a pedestrian door is very practical. The layout of a basement garage makes it impossible to access your garage any other way but through the garage door. So a pedestrian door can save you energy and cut down on your power costs without having to open the entire door each time. 

The same goes for a property that does not have enough space for a standard access door to your garage. If you want a quick and efficient way to get into your garage or your home, then a pedestrian door is a great idea. 

If you use your garage for something other than car storage, then a pedestrian door makes access all-the-more convenient. This is especially true in the case of power outages or if you live with a person with disabilities or mobility issues. Getting into your home through a pedestrian door is just faster and simpler. 

What Are the Cons of Walk-Through Garage Doors? 

One stand-out negative about a walk-through garage door is the cost of installation. In order to install a walk-through garage door, you’ll also need to install a door and safety system. This helps to avoid damage to your garage door when trying to open it.

The reality is that installing a single pedestrian door could be just as expensive as installing an entirely new garage door system. 

In addition to this, a pedestrian door can’t just be installed on any size garage door. It requires a minimum width of 2.5 metres. The same goes for garage door design. If you have a rectangular embossed design, this may throw off the rectangular placement.

Adding a pedestrian door also reduces how energy-efficient your garage door is as a whole. The more openings there are, the less energy you conserve. This is why pedestrian door insulation and thickness are so important.  

Walk-through garage doors are also prone to maintenance issues and are just more expensive to repair when you face a door breakdown. Generally, the combination of an overhead garage door and pedestrian door doesn’t work well.  

Other Popular Types of Garage Doors 

If you’re struggling to choose the best type of garage door to suit your needs as a family, your best choice is to go with something simple to operate. However, your garage door should also provide robust security and improve the aesthetics of your home. 

Once you have evaluated the size of your garage and figured out the dimensions of your garage door, here are some popular types to consider: 

1. The Roll-Up Garage Door 

These types of garage doors are usually found in more of a commercial setting and on industrial properties. They are extremely hard-wearing and can withstand heavy usage. If you live on a farm or in a more rural area, a roll-up garage door may suit your home. 

2. The Side-to-Side Garage Door 

Side-to-side garage doors are ideal if you have small children and worry about their safety with regards to garage door accidents. This type of door operates on a slide that sits parallel to the wall. They open and close with an automated retractable motor and don’t require the balance of springs. 

3. The Sectional Garage Door

This is probably one of the most popular garage door styles. The design is broken into panel sections that are joined with a hinge mechanism.

Sectional garage doors roll up overhead with an automated motor system. They are great for most homes as they can be customized with windows, different textures, and colours. 

4. The Side-Hinged Garage Door

These are not as popular as sectional garage doors, but the side-hinged door makes a real statement. They are designed to closely mimic the look of large barn doors, and open outwards with an automated motor system. They are most commonly crafted from wood, but you can also choose from galvanized steel. 

5. The Tilt-Up and Over Canopy Garage Door

This type of garage door operates in a similar style to the sectional garage door, except they are made from one solid piece of wood, much like side-hinge doors. They operate on a pivoting hinge mechanism and roll up parallel to your garage ceiling. 

Have Your Garage Doors Expertly Installed With Us 

We hope these pros and cons of walk-through garage doors has left you with some clarity. If you’re looking for professional installation, Express Garage Door Services is your go-to expert. We also specialize in commercial garage door installation and maintenance services. 

Be sure to get in touch with our team for all your garage door needs — whether it’s installation, spring repair, cable, repair, opener services, and more.

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