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Garage Door Break-In Repair

How Can I Secure My Garage Door Against Break-Ins?

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Not all garage doors are created equal. That’s because some garage doors are more secure than others. In fact, some garage doors can represent the difference in what someone passing by on the street perceives as an opportunity for them to try to break in.

All because your garage door was a bit flimsy or decrepit garage door.

While some garage doors represent to anyone passing by your home is well-fortified. The crime rate in Calgary has gone up and over the past five years, there’s been over a 12% increase in violent crime and over 10% in non-violent crime. That’s why when you’re looking at putting in a new garage door or repairing an old one you want to use a licensed overhead door technician that will provide you with a garage door that meets your needs living in Calgary.

That means your garage door needs to be of high quality, reasonable cost, with long-lasting durability, and has a bit of curb appeal. Read on to learn more about how you can keep your garage door more secure.

Secure Garage Doors

Almost everyone who owns a home or commercial property comes to a time when they consider repairing or installing a garage door. But because garage, door upgrades, modernization, or secure door designs vary from customer to customer, it’s important to have a company that not only understands what you want they will make sure you get it. Almost all people want to ensure they have the most secure garage door as possible.

Most Calgary citizens are aware that thieves can break into your garage in some cases within six seconds using only a coat hanger. Once you realize that fact, you know it’s time to have a garage door security assessment. The most common types of garage doors include but aren’t limited to, the following.

  1. Garage Door that Rolls Up
  2. The Side-to-Side Garage Door
  3. A Garage Door That’s Designed with Panel Sections
  4. A Side-Hinged Garage Door
  5. The Canopy Up and Over Garage Door
  6. The Retractable Up and Over Garage Door

Each of these styles offers something different to customers. That’s why when you’re considering the garage door style that’s the securest you need to know the pros and cons of the Calgary market and what they offer that best fits your needs.

Garage Door Questions You Need to Ask 

Many people don’t realize one of the most commonly used rooms in your home isn’t the one you think it is. The garage usually comes in around 4th or 5th because everyone on the property or in your home must traverse in or around the garage when they come and go. It’s also one of the most vulnerable entry-points of your home.

That’s why the safety criteria of your garage door need to ensure not only pleasing curb appeal or reasonable costs but integrate the most secure garage door you can get. Thieves who want to break into your home through your garage can remove the cord from your garage door to release the lever. Sometimes they will take a plastic zip-tie and thread it through the emergency release hatch hard-wired on your garage door.

There are some crucial questions you need to ask your garage door installation company as you go through what you want while reviewing what they have to offer you. To begin with, you want to know the answers to some of these vital security questions.

  1. What garage door material is the most secure but also works well with the design and appearance of my home?
  2. What curb appeal style and design works best while meeting my budget?
  3. What price range do you have for your most secure garage doors?

You want to create a more customized appearance while obtaining the strongly built doors you need.

Overhead Doors for Your Garage

There are basic security needs you want with your new or repaired garage door. That includes having a garage door option that provides some of the best security you can obtain. But everyone needs and variety are different when considering what type of garage door they want.

The overhead door for your garage offers some of the most stellar security for your home or property. The overhead door for your garage is also one of the most self-sufficient garage doors and it’s rarely damaged by inclement weather or harsh treatment. What you don’t want to do is try to temporarily fix a problem your garage door is having yourself.

It’s best to never perform a DIY repair on a garage door, much less one that is of the up and over type. Garage doors are known to have many components and if you don’t fix them exactly the way they need to be fixed you’ve recently provided a way for a criminal to enter into your home.

The Most Common Security Concerns with Garage Doors

The most common security concern for any garage door is having one that’s strong enough to prevent someone from the outside being able to pull open the garage door latch with a hanger. While garage doors with windows are very attractive, a window makes it easy for thieves to break into your garage or home. You always want to make sure you replace your garage door’s weather seal and ensure it’s secure.

Many people don’t know they need to shield their lock with a garage door shield but it’s of primary importance when replacing or repairing a garage door. As an added benefit, make sure you install a garage door opener with a security camera. It’s never that much more and it’s always worth the upgraded cost.

Garage Door Shield

The benefit of an install-motion activated floodlight cannot be overstated, especially if they are installed near the garage door windows. Outdoor security cameras are the final extra benefit you can give you home even if you have one for your garage door. That’s why it’s so beneficial to have a garage door security assessment from a garage door installation company you know provides the service and product you want and need.

LiftMaster Garage Doors

LiftMaster garage doors have a three-step safety check whose motto is Don’t Chance It. Check It.™ The three checks you need to do for a Liftmaster garage door are as follows.

  • You always want to check the sides of your garage door to ensure there are no gaps, and it has properly installed photo eyes otherwise known as black sensors mounted at six inches off the floor.
  • You need to make sure any block of the black sensors is over six inches tall so that when you press the garage door close button the garage door should not close.
  • You want to ensure that any object laying on the ground in the garage door’s path causes the garage door to reverse and not hit the object on the ground.

The LiftMaster garage door has the ability to help prevent garage break-ins, but only if you get it installed with a company that has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to install it properly.

Common Methods That Help Prevent Garage Break-Ins

No one wants to be a victim of property crime or worse if you can do some simple, logical action to help prevent garage break-ins. Besides using the best material on the most secure garage door that also offers reasonable prices, there are some common safety methods that are tried and true.

  1. Keep your garage well lit with safety motion lights if possible.
  2. Keep your garage door closed even when you’re home.
  3. Check your landscaping to see if anything around the garage allows for someone to hide.
  4. Shield your garage door lock.
  5. Try to hide the valuable stuff you keep in the garage so it’s not noticeable every time you open your garage door.

Garage door break-in statistics in Calgary are high enough so try to ensure you use some of these methods with your garage door.

Your Garage Door Solution

Express Garage Door Services provides not only the safety you need from your garage door but also the design you want. No matter what design you prefer or security features you need reach out to Express Garage Door Services to discover all the secure garage door solutions they have waiting for you. Every property or homeowner wants a garage door that makes a statement in design while offering them safety features.

You may never have had the time or the ability to transform your garage into a secure space that houses some of the most important things you and your family value most. At least until now. The end result of your new garage door will help create your secure sanctuary.

There’s no better feeling than saving yourself time and money knowing you’re getting the best product and service. Express Garage Door Services offers you a secure feeling that comes with expert installation of the highest quality garage doors while also saving you money. You deserve long-lasting versatility with secure durability for the most important thing in your life which is your home and family

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