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5 Common Signs When your Garage Door Needs Repair

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5 Common Signs When your Garage Door Needs Repair

Though you visit your garage every day, you rarely spend some time to examine and inspect your garage door’s condition and functions. Because, people are so busy in their life schedule that they focus only on when something turns to become terribly wrong. One thing a garage door owners should keep in mind, if you inspect and repair your garage door in its initial stage, you can prevent the future damage.

Inspect your garage door, if it is showing the below symptoms then you need to be prepare for its immediate repair.

  • The Door Does Not Operate
    When your garage door refuses to close and open using the control buttons, then you need to consider for its repair. It could happen due to a bad connection between the control panel and door or it could be a door malfunction.
  • Slower Response
    Is your garage door taking time to respond your commands? Generally, the door takes one or two seconds to open. If your garage door is delaying to operate, it can lead to have something wrong with your garage door or opener.
  • Sagging Garage Door
    Make sure to once check the balance of your overhead door. It means, operate your door manually not with the opener. Notice, when you bring the door at the midway, it should not continue to fall or rise. In case it does so, then there could be something wrong in the tension spring or other parts. Don’t dare to repair this issue by your own until you have prior experience.
  • Off The Track Door
    If your garage door often comes off the track, it can cause of injury or other damage in your garage. Be sure to repair it as soon as possible. Don’t take ignore this issue.
  • A Noisy Door
    With passing time, the garage door tends to make noise that is obviously. The reason behind the noise could be the spring or any components are bearing up with each other or it has rusty springs. It maximizes the door jamming, stuck and sudden fall down problems.

On noticing these signs in your garage door, you can immediately call the 24/7 Express Garage Doors. Our licensed and insured garage door repair specialist can tackle any malfunctioning garage door.

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