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4 Common Garage Door Opener Problems

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Common Garage Door Opener Problems

A garage door is something that you may use regularly or rarely depending on your needs. When it shows something wrong, your whole day tasks get a full stop. It may be difficult to determine which problem has appeared suddenly. No matter the problem is related to any component, equipment or the whole functions of your garage door, it is advised that before you could arrange a call for a garage door specialist, you should inspect if you can resolve it with DIY repair techniques. It is just a good way to safe your time and money.

Here are the top issues that occur suddenly with your garage door which you can resolve with easy tips.

  • No Power
    Is your garage door opener not working? Inspect the issue if the batteries are not working well. Before you could declare the issue to be resolved by the mechanic only, first change the new batteries and try to use it again.
  • Transmission Errors
    Your garage door opener failing down may be a result of the weak transmitter signal. Another reason of similar issue maybe you are living around the high-density area where the more likely appearance of transmission interference. Keep your remote under range, or for frequency configuration issues you can consult with the owner. Otherwise, garage door repairer will be the best option.
  • Equipment Misalignments
    Latest garage doors come with a complex component that gives convenience to use. But, sometimes these component deliver problems instead of comfort such as two eye sensor issues. The sensor door starts to work in reverse when it finds something in its path. So, you should first check the sensor eye should have removed the dirt, sporadic actions, etc.
  • Disconnected Switch
    If your roll-up door is disconnected from the chain, you should check the emergency switch may be inconvenient proximity from kids, unaware adults or any other. To its opposite, if you find the garage door motors run a full sequence then you need to contact the garage door specialist.

No matter, you are able to handle the garage door issue or not, you can call the Express Garage Doors any time for the perfect solution.

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