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3 Risks Of DIY Garage Door Spring Repair

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3 Risks Of DIY Garage Door Spring Repair

In the mechanism of a garage door, the springs counterbalance its weight. The springs remain in optimal shape for maximum 10,000 cycles an average is 6 to 10 years or depends on the usage. By using some common maintenance tips, you can significantly extend the cycle rating of your garage door.

On the contrary, if your overhead door spring is worn out or it breaks down cause malfunction. Due to the smaller size of the spring, people often prefer the DIY repair that can be dangerous. Here are common risks associated with garage door spring repair by your own.

  • Cause Serious Injury
    Handling a big and heavy garage door is not easy for a homeowner. Commonly a spring handles the heavy lifting of a door. An Improperly fixed overhead door can even fall on anyone, be it is your vehicle, your kids or anything come beneath it.
  • Not Easy To Fix
    If you are trying to fix the broken part of a door yourself, you are putting your life at risk. There is a variety of spring applications according to the system. If you choose an inappropriate spring and don’t fix it correctly, the problem may reoccur later.
  • Worsen The Situation
    An unprofessional repair will lead to worse the situation. As a result, you have to repair the other damages along with your broken spring which will be costly to you.

Reasons Of Garage Doors Springs Break Down

  • An older garage door increases the chances of spring, and other parts break down.
  • A rusty spring is more likely to break down early.
  • Low-quality parts of your door also cause its sudden failure.
  • No maintenance can damage your door parts.

After considering risks to DIY garage door spring repair as listed above, you must hire the only professionals. At Express Garage Doors, we are one stop solution for all make and model of overhead door services. No matter, you have an issue related to the entire door or its internal parts, our licensed door experts in Calgary can handle it efficiently. Call us today for 24/7 emergency and same day garage door services.

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